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Reviews for "Tax Day"


Good one appsro love it.


and i wanna thank the people that helped him great job guys!

At first I tought...

Is this some kind of turbo tax thing. but then it got to something way more funnier. Great job

zappawadda responds:

This is some kind of turbotax thing...

Wow satoris is retarded

Ben Franklin did womanize, my history teacher even told me that

and anyone knows that Grant was an alcoholic and that Jackson owned slaves

zappawadda responds:

Fun Fact: Jackson wiped out an entire Indian village except one infant boy, who he adopted and used to get northern votes.

But his hair was so beautifully quaffed...


Franklin the playboy.
Jackson the racist.
Grant the drunk?

I thought grant would be the more racist one and jackson would just hate everyone.

Sure dont make role models like that anymore. haha

zappawadda responds:

Next episode will include a coked up Teddy Roosevelt