Reviews for "Castle Repercussions - C"

The Best

This is honestly the best stick flash in all of newgrounds. I cant wait for the 4th installment.

Well done!

Excellent animation combined with some actual character development! Creative perspective in a lot of scenes and great use of red in a otherwise greyscale world. Overall it had a very cinematic feel which you don't see often in a flash film.

All I have to say is: with your level of skill you really should leave the stick universe behind. I know it's popular but you're better than that.


This was the ebst one so far! I was just now thinking, are some of these other guys going to get together?

Love it

the castle series are awesome i love your work oscar keep up the good work 5/5


pretty interesting

i enjoyed it

but 3 things bugged me:

1. in the beginning, he punches a zombie, but the zombie "jerks" in the entirely wrong way. if you punch someone in the right cheek, their head goes left, not right. duhrs.
2. two typos. "consuming live in its PRIME" and "PIECE of shit"