Reviews for "Tendril"

Cool idea!

i like this. I think thats something new!
something old goes snd something new comes. And the music is perfect for this movie ! But Ii think the start comes to fast!

Trippy as balls

Man, thats some trippy shit, but I LIKED it. I think my favorite part was when the shapes started fillin' with color then burst. You have good taste in music too, bro.

ScelesticFish responds:

Thanks for the kind words. I also like my taste in music.

NIce work

This piece brought back memories of "Leave Your Brain Behind".
It's a similar piece of experimentation (sorry if I'm wrong)
But it's is not bad it is a little bit more alive and energetic, I think it is good some people try and test something.
I like this one.

very cool

I completely dig the free flowing artistic feel to this the quality of the lines were very vivid and alive, and all in all it was just a lot of fun to watch, nice job on the music Scag Baron, I think I'll listen to the full song, 'cause I haven't reviewed that one yet. Also, nice use of the textured background, it had a very cool effect.

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It honestly wasn't that bad, but it was pretty short and very choppy. You also didn't give any feel for the weight or movement of your shapes/characters. A quick example is the stick with the big ball in the bottom right corner at the very beginning. You would think the ball would make it more top heavy, and the stick would have to strain to move the ball and itself from side to side, but that didn't show at all. It just moved back and forth (and up and down for some reason) a little bit.

Quick summary:
-Increase the frame rate to make it more fluid
-Try to portray the weight, movement, and feel of the objects or creatures you create

Hopefully I'm not too vague with my suggestions.

ScelesticFish responds:

I know it was short. you could be right about the frame rate thing though. The thing with the weight could be argued either way. Adding weight and true movement would make it seem more realistic and professional, but since that flash altogether is very very surreal it could be argued that portraying weight would not be necessary.
thanks for the constructive and intelligent review :)
P.S. The ball thing was supposed go up and down.
P.P.S. No! I will not watch SonicX!!!! :D