Reviews for "Collider"

Great game

This is a great concept for a game. The levels increase in complexity which is good. The addition of new obstacles and assists is a great feature in any game. My only suggestion personally is a scoring system. Other than that, great game, great execution. Loved it!

good game

This is a really good game the olny problem is that the game is a bit to hard in later levles I nearly spent about 5 mins trying to figure out one level. The gameplay was really fun and orginal. The sound was good and smooth. The thing I liked about this game the most is that it never gets old or repetative(I might of not spelled the word right...) overall this is a good game and also a good time waster.





Very Nice Work

It's like those classic puzzle games I used to play at the science museum near my home town. It's fun, interesting and it makes the player think. However, they do get kind of old after a short while.


A bit slow, but a good game

This is a good game...

...i normally would not play this type of game, but you made it very fun(at least to me)......cant wait to see what you come up with next.