Reviews for "Sonic And The Secret C.e"

loved it

i really enjoyed this. i mean the graphics were so so but the music and just having sonic running and doing his thing had a really cool flare to it also the title dosen't make sense bigest flaw that can actually be changed

ok good xP

mecha sonic bad but sonic and eggman good

ferni2007001 responds:

Poor Mecha Sonic!!!XDDD
No thanks!

Same as the opening cutscene from Sonic CD

I'm sorry

were they fighting and running or were they dancing. Sorry, you got some work to do. The movement wasn't anywhere near right. It completely drove me crazy while I was watching it. Try to work on it a little. I love the idea. It's always nice to see handdrawn stuff. Nice try though. Would like to see it pumped up a bit.


not bad do a little more on the legs when he is running make him more flexible limbs while flying same with metal sonic not bad for a early animation and you should try flash too

ferni2007001 responds: