Reviews for "Sonic And The Secret C.e"

toooo long and too boring

the fps was too low for the quality of animation, which i have to say was not very good
many parts of this were dragged out. 2 seconds of badly animated running is enough, we dont need to watch each running scene for half a minute
each event in the flash just dragged on and was not very entertaining at all
an animation with no dialogue and poorly drawn characters should NOT be ten minutes long, you could have really shortened a few of the parts so that the person watching doesnt have to sit through a minute and a half of a repetative running scene with no detail or anything that might remotely interest a viewer. all i got from the story of this was sonic running, falling, running, meeting enemies, running, fighting, running, running, it's simply torture to sit through something that doesnt appear to even have a plot or humor. of course, you were aiming for an action based flash, but i can't say there was anything exciting about that at all.

Okey dokey then...

I'm going to review this as if I gave a f*** about Sonic. Sonic is about speed, and your animation was a litle too slow. It was also cheaply animated, especially during the Mecha-Sonic fight scene. All in all, it was OK, but not something I'll be watching again anytime soon.


Uhh, wow. Listen, flash has this big, nice lookin' white box, that shows what's gonna be in the movie, an' what's not. Try to use that more often. Also, too much pointless running.

loved it

i really enjoyed this. i mean the graphics were so so but the music and just having sonic running and doing his thing had a really cool flare to it also the title dosen't make sense bigest flaw that can actually be changed

Overall: pretty good

+ Decent drawing ability
+ Didn't use sprites
+ Interesting replay button
- Intro Credits and opening running sequence a bit long
- Characters seem stiff at times
- This has been done many times before (though usually with sprites)