Reviews for "Sketched - Happy Birthday"

"well it's a little dark..."

the story was dark but was interesting but animation was mediocre

sirjeffofshort responds:

Cool. I'm constantly working on my animation (I am still kinda new to this.) so hopefully it will come with time. I'm also looking into collaborating with other animators on the Sketched series, so if there are any out there interested just drop me a line.

ok, but not great

Ok, but not great. Good idea, but badly implemented and rather poor quality animation (visibly choppy)

The humour was also a little on the dark side, and alot of people don't like that...

P.S:But your on the way to being a great artist... Keep it up.

P.P.S:I read your responses and your a bit too... touchy. Watch out for that.

And just for the record:
"Trust me, I've been there before. The thing is, unless you get out of that infantile stage people will always consider you and your opinions to be worthless"

No offense but you still ARE there. He was just giving an honest opinion :\

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks for your review.

I do agree that the feel of this short was a bit on the dark side, and that doesn't appeal to everyone. I never would expect to make an all encompassing work that pleases everyone, but if you check out our other works you will see that we consistently change it up from one sketch to the next for a number of reasons so you may find something you like better there.

I heartily thank you for your encouragement. The entire reason I post to NG is to get helpful encouragement and critiques of my work hopefully bettering it as a whole.

I don't feel I'm much more touchy than any other artist would be about a work that they poured many hours into. I am always careful to try and take something positive from what people say, no matter how negatively they say it. As you will notice I will never bash someone for their opinion, I actually heartily welcome criticism, however I will defend my right to address when someone is out to be hurtful rather than helpful. I see absolutely nothing helpful about the review to which you are referring, and I honestly do believe the score he gave to be the one he thinks the short deserved, and that's fine, however I think there is nothing touchy about assuming that "i didn't think it was funny at all and the animation kinda sucked. hopefully your next work will be better" was written more to attract disdain rather than to help.

Some of the best help I have ever gotten on the series has actually been from initial critics. I am currently collaborating with several people who have previously given me bad to horrible reviews, but they did it in an effort to help and I thank them.


I didn't really like it. i didn't think it was funny at all and the animation kinda sucked. hopefully your next work will be better

sirjeffofshort responds:

Redacted: Initially after a long week at work I had written a response to this that was... less than nice. Haha. I will stand by the fact that in the future you may want to try and be more helpful in portraying your opinions, but I do apologize for initially being mean.


I don't real know how to describe it.

sirjeffofshort responds:

But you FEEL it, and that's all that matters. Haha.

I'm rolling on the floor

That was adorable and funny at the same time. Freaking great!

"Reason with THAT?!" Lmao!!

sirjeffofshort responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.