Reviews for "Sketched - Happy Birthday"

Great idea dude!

This is very original! I have great respect for you sir.


I love this kind of humour! When i clicked on the link, noticing it was on front page for sometime (congradualtions by the way!) i didn't know what to expect but now i know your around, I'll be looking at some other work you've done and keep an eye on your future projects. I'm sort of a newbie at this whole flash thing but you've manadged to get me going on my flash i sort of gave up on. Cheers!

Tis nice^^

Hehe I love that kinda humor, not so many people are willing to try somthing diferent but you did. I like the animatieon too, tis nice.

With you still being abit new to this, people should take into consideration you still trying to improve, and it must be good anyways if you got front page.=]

Well, I liked it

Can't say I love it, dah screw it I do. The voice work was one of the best things in this whole flash (am I in love with a candle? wouldn't be the first time) but the sounds and animation were also a treat to watch, flawless victory.

P.S. can I get the candles phone number?

I love this sort of humor

and this style of animation, but i still feel it could of gone for a bit longer, it felt like it ended abruptly. Oh well, good luck for next time :)