Reviews for "Sketched - Happy Birthday"

A whole new perspective...

Wow, this video sure puts things in perspective. My birthday was actually yesterday, so the memory of blowing out candles is still fresh in my mind. I feel bad for those poor candles whose lives I took yesterday. But I laughed hard when one candle desperately said to the other: "You're still burning bright!"

This was a great short. The animation was smooth and fluidic, the visual style was appropriate to the content, and the audio was perfect. It reminded me of movies like "Ant" and "A Bug's Life" in the way that it makes us look at human beings from a whole other perspective. We laugh and celebrate at birthday parties, but how monstrous and scary we look from the perspective of are hapless candles!

Keep up the great work!


expanded your imagination.i feel bad for them.

cool flash

the ending song is so awesome


Pretty creative.

everything's dark

fun, unusual character angle,
well done.
happiness is a matter of perspective, sometimes...