Reviews for "Kos Beans Redux"


Random is one of the types of comedy i like best so i enjoyed this

OnionsXD responds:

the screaming got a little repetitive so my next cartoon will have much more clever random jokes


this animation was incredible do more ive added you to my favourates

OnionsXD responds:

thanks for adding it! glass of water coming soon!


after seeing the Naruto part. i just had to give it a 10.

OnionsXD responds:

Haha! Thanks!! :P

what can I say...

Awesome randomness= WIN!

OnionsXD responds:

Most people wouldn't agree. haha

I like constructed humor better actually.

Any New Episodes?

Im wondering if you are making anymore episodes and if so, when?

OnionsXD responds:

Yes actually! I'm coming out with a halloween cartoon next week! :D