Reviews for "Battle of the sticks"

Indubitibly Incredible, indeed

The artwork was intriguing, i must say i am amazed. Out of every movie i have witnessed in my life, none has touched my heart as so. Your cunning flash dexterity shows very brightly in this piece of artwork. The abilty you manifested into this short 3 minute creation has me fascinated. I doubt i will ever come into contact with such an author as you. The physics were so realistic i thought i was going to cry. You must have spent years on this truly magnificent masterpiece. Bravo, my friend. Bravo.

teamprivite responds:

........ TY!!!!!!!! thats the first good comment i got so far! THANKS!!!!!!!

oh, and did you find the secret button at the end?

pretty cool

well its not as bad as everybody else has said but the ar and animation could use some improvement.

8/10 and 5/5, for effort :)

Please tell me this is ur first!

Dude, I am sticking my neck out for u cuz I know what it feels like to get blammed. If this is ur first, it was better than mine. I messed up on the Sound and and it looped so the song would start agen and it was just a nightmare. I gave you a 5/5. You owe me one. A BIG one.

How to improve

Get a tablet, cuz I know that was done with a mouse, and u do NOT do flash with a mouse.
Fix up the graphics. Practice ALOT!
Give 1 or 2 more seconds to read. Make it funnier.


i've seen this same animation few days ago, without music . just adding some music doesn't make it a good animation. I guess you should try improve your skills and be more original

Not satisfying

Sorry, dude, the animations had no in-depthness and basically didn't have much consensus to it at all. To me it was just some random sticks with poor artwork trying to fight each other in a very strange way...not exactly my cup of tea.