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Reviews for "Egg (subtitled)"


Hahaha, de vertaling was goed, alleen inderdaad die ene man die er steeds tussen door zat te bleren was behoorlijk irritant. De man die gewoon praat lijkt op die stem van Fransie. Is dit toevallig een fragment van bananasplit?

Dimanti-San responds:

Nope, beide stemmen zijn van mij, maar 'k moet ff terugkijken, want het was mij niet eens opgevallen dat die stem op die van Frans lijkt. XD


That was awesome and really funny.

I was laughing so much when that announcer dude was like "SHUT UP" to the guy without ears. lol. He didn't hear him!

Even though I know no Dutch at all, I still understood it (even without subtitles) and I thought it was really funny. Great job! :D

Dimanti-San responds:


Your probably the 1st, that noticed the "ear-thing" XD


That was funny.
I lol'd especially when the guy first got his mouth.

I don't know dutch but I still got some enjoyment out of it. :P

Dimanti-San responds:

Thx, that was exactly what I was going for, since the 1st version didn't have subtitles.


I liked it better without subtitles. It was funny because I couldn't understand it. I'd bet if we really knew what was going on in those Japanese Game Shows, they wouldn't seem so strange... well, that's a bad example. Lol.

Dimanti-San responds:


Strange that you rather not understand what is being said...
...not as strange as Japanese Game Shows though. :P


I liked the movie; but the guy doing the narration was kinda shouty, and that scared me a little (I know that's not your fault, but I just wanted to say that.).