Reviews for "Perfect Balance: PG"


Good puzzle game

Good job!

I played the whole game through, and it was quite a challenge! Creative, fun, and challenging. Good job./

I couldn't hear the music though.

this kept me busy

some parts were kindergarten easy and some parts took a bit to figure; i actually didn't realize i could rotate the pieces until i came out of the game and read what people said about the game! Then i went back and rotated a few things and this game kept me interested...10

Great Physics

An interesting little game that reminds me of Luis' submission where you take the blocks away, rahter than add them in, but the principle is remarkably similar.

It's a very well defined exercise in lateral thinking and I can only see how this can be helpful if used to teach children spacial awareness and logic skills that would be more useful to them than knowing how to solve complex logarithms would ever be in real life.

But I digress.

The graphics are good and the music is surprisingly calming, even if you make a mistake, rather than an alarming sound, you've given a twinkle, as if to say 'Confucious, he say you have placed the block incorrectly.'

No wrong answers, per se, but a collection of right combinations that can work. Brilliant.

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I beat the game with out even knowing that I could rotate the pieces! Fun though.