Reviews for "Annika"


have u considered posting ur art on
cuz its really good


Just kidding, she's beautiful the way she is! lol. Everyone always wants naked pictures. I've got other websites for that. This was a nice piece of work though.

I'm no artist,

...you are, though. After much adventuring through your art, I've come to the decision of favoriting you as an remarkable artist. Annika is possibly the most beautiful artistic human entity I have EVER seen in my life! I mean, sure, I have seen many professional artists in the outside world and such, but holy shit-you are NGer (and persuing a life of art, I presume?) and nobody famous! I think i have "e-fallen" for your woman you have presented to me.

Just one thing... (sorry) her jawline on her left seems to leave me bothered for some strange reason. To me, it feels as if though her left cheek is unsignificantly larger than her right. It kind of "bulges" out at me which seems strange. Nevertheless, I ask, no, I BEG you to produce much, much more art with Annika.

This is possibly the most descriptive/supportive review I have ever done.


it is very good and nicely drawn oh and to the boner 2 comments below this:
u dont know what art is fag so get out of the art portal

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks, man. =)

Where to begin.

First of all, I want to complement you on you attention to detail on the clothing. Stitch lines, buckles, buttons, those kind of things really make any drawing stand out.

The only thing I can criticize is that the tree seems odd due to the placing of the branches at such an angle. Of course you could say she is a giant and blow my argument lol.

Other then that, this is very good work.