Reviews for "Annika"

left me in awe

your drawing, it just is amazing and awe inspiring, just wow.


damn, your a good artist! what program you use?


If I were you I'd start putting in applications for anime movies :)

A very amazing piece of art!

I suck at drawing, but overall, I enjoy art. This shocked me at first because I usually don't go to the art section of Newgrounds, and I don't really expect such thoughtful and creative submissions. This should be the example that aspiring artists work towards. In my opinion, the few people who give this piece a low score has an undiagnosed brain disorder that prevents them from seeing the beauty in life. I cannot see any reason why people shouldn't like your work because you are a very, very talented individual. I really look forward to your future work and I am positive that you will be successful as a concept artist.

As a last note, I think it work be interesting to see a contest of sorts between you and Adam Phillips, author or "The Last of the Dashkin". That would be very interesting...

AlvinHew responds:

Wow, thanks for that!

Adam Phillips is a little out of my league though, haha. Maybe in a few years when I'm better.


I love all your work! All your stuff is just beautiful! This reminds me of a RPG game. Like she could be the main character. This is sooooo cool!