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Wow, this is AMAZING!


cute and uuuhhhh i would say more if i knew bigger less dumb words


That's what I want my girlfriend to look like.


The examination date is approaching and Annika being her usual self, panicked for not studying earlier. The young girl struggles to catch up the chapters she previously carelessly ignored. Tome by tome, page by page, she tediously scans and memorize each spells and intricate casting methods. She even fasted for days on end to study and finish the entire university's syllabus.
All her efforts, however, pays off as she scored the rank of Wizard for credit, as oppose to Minion for failure. Upon receiving the Testimonium of Novi'Magicka(Magic novice in Archaic Lordian), she is now free to begin her journey of any sort with the assurance that she is magic proficient recognized. It seems that in order to work as a magic practitioner nowadays, one needs a certificate of some sort. Such policy was enforced by the Magistirium with the purpose of "Distilling the Magicians" in order to maintain the constant flow of supply of highly professional magicians, although they are rumoured have other nefarious intentions.
As she kissed her mother and younger brother and sister, Soldin and Freya, farewell, her father gave her maps and catalogues from his previous journey. "I do hope you use them at their fullest capacity, the road ahead of you might be dangerous and must caution before continuing your journey. Here, take my lucky dagger, you have more use for it than I. Be safe, my little Ani", said the old crippled soldier as he kiss his daughter's forehead with tearful eyes.
No parents wants their children to leave home for distant lands, but they have to understand that youngsters are adventurous entrepreneurs filled with curiosity and the willingness for a fresh start. Such ideas are of course painful to be accepted by every parents, especially for the Annika's. Sooner or later, her siblings might leave home as well
She picked up her bag filled with travelling equipments, cutleries, herbal potions, and provisions as she walks out of the house while waving farewell to her family. Just as she was about to walk pass by the house's compound, her mother called onto her. "Wait Annika!", said her mother, "If your going to leave us at least take my necklace with you, I'm comfortable knowing that you possess the Amulite." Annika is always curious about her mother's mysterious necklace, she neither knows about it's origins nor real purposes even though her mother always said that it "Protects". She wears the Amulite as her mother asks too, and once again farewells at her family as she left the compound.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing this!", she said to herself, "I just hope I know what I'm doing, better hurry up to Albert's before I get left behind." Annika's first plan to journey to the Elven Realm is to party with her ex-university collogues, Albert, Sphinx and Dethamore who has the same destination as she does. A few hours later, she can see her Albert's house only a few hundred metres away. Opting for a quick rest, she sat beneath an oak tree and took a few gulps of water. As she rests her inexperienced journey worn feet, a whitely feathered eagle flying by caught her already sky fixated eye. "A full feathered eagle! Now that's a good omen."

The Epic tale begins..

Review: My first attempt to compose a story of Annika. I can't help it, 4 beautifully illustrated picture of her really gives me the motivation to write a wannabe Epic. It's not much but I hope it's enough to express my appreciation and satisfaction in which points cannot!
Sorry for the spelling and grammatical errors, didn't bother to revise all the words carefully though.
Keep up the good work!


My very first 10 stars, ever, goes to you... This picture is just... Awesome. Sorry, but I can not put it any other way.