Reviews for "Annika"

fucking beatiful

She is lovely! Is she part of a story? If not, I might write one.
The more I look, the more detail I see. I love the pose, it seems very natural. The stitches on the leatherwork are 100% The light and shade are top class.
I appreciate that the detail is sharper on her to make her the focus, but the grass is still not quite up there- since not one blade of it overlaps with anything except the tree root, not a foot, strap or a scroll etc, it looks as if she is on a flat floor with a picture of grass on it.
Possibly you might work on making things look slightly more worn/torn/used/dirty to give yourself the final edge of realism. That might even apply to her skin, but you might argue that the youthful perfection is the look you wanted and is part of the picture's appeal.
This is a lovely picture and richly deserves FP and DF.

i would love to do an art work with you if you're interested pm me
plus your art works just fantastic


Cute & Fantastic