Reviews for "Annika"

Who's Annika?

but great artwork.
I bet it took you a long time to add all those details,
I like the way you tried to make her look like she's wearing historical clothing.
And the way you used the computer and not hand drawing.
Your art inspired me to draw again because I quit a long time ago.

Please give me some tips, to be as great as you

AlvinHew responds:

Annika is a character from my story. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Keep on drawing, that's really the only way to get better. Feel free to drop me a PM any time!


the lighting, the colours the linework... all brillant!

if you were to change anything... i would say that the tree's leaves start to far down... and thats about it... its a flawless piece of work... im sure theres minior issues with it if you look really closely but on the whole a lovely piece of work... top marks and favourted...

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you. It's encouraging to get sincere comments like these.


Nice art dude