Reviews for "Annika"


I love it.

I like this art.

This is good art, thank you.

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you for looking!


this looks like character art on the booklet of a final fantasy game! the colors are fibrent and full, and the shading is subtle but still there, i like it, so good

AlvinHew responds:

Thank you very much! It's very flattering to be compared to something like Final Fantasy.

this is beauiful

you make want to just get up and draw myself

AlvinHew responds:

I say go for it! Drawing is great fun!

Who's Annika?

but great artwork.
I bet it took you a long time to add all those details,
I like the way you tried to make her look like she's wearing historical clothing.
And the way you used the computer and not hand drawing.
Your art inspired me to draw again because I quit a long time ago.

Please give me some tips, to be as great as you

AlvinHew responds:

Annika is a character from my story. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Keep on drawing, that's really the only way to get better. Feel free to drop me a PM any time!