Reviews for "Annika"

very professional

like the other guy said i could easily imagine seeing this in a manual for an rpg. she looks a lot like kisala from rogue galaxy. the shading is also excellent not to mention all the nice details.


This about one of the greatest works of art I've seen.
What did you use to draw it?

AlvinHew responds:

Photoshop CS2


This artwork is Amazing...bet it took some time to do..?
but it was well worth it 10/10 5/5...

AlvinHew responds:

Yeah, it took awhile.

If she was only real ; )

I love that picture, the perspective, the colors and most importanly the girls face ; ) So many details and it creates a beautiful athmosphere.

The signature is also very creative and fits great inside that masterpiece.

Most of it flows diagonally from the right top to the left bottom. The dagger, the scrolls, the legs and her right arm (left from our view) for example. Her right Hand, the scarf around her waist and the left arm (right from our view) stops that flow so we get the resting inside that picture, but I think the effect would have been greater if one of her legs would be angled horizontally from down the knee.

The colorization fits great into your drawing style. Keep it up I love your work!
10/10 5/5

AlvinHew responds:

Thanks for the well thought out response!


great work 120/100 brilliant pic