Reviews for "Annika"

Please create a render

This is probably the best anime drawing i have seen in a long, long time.
I would love a render of this chick tho

Wow! That is awesome!

It really looks good. But the knees feel a bit weird. It must be hard to draw those knees from that perspective. But if you want to improve this thing, it would help to improve the knees. Otherwise it looks amazing. The drawing is really well done, and the coloring is just awesome! Keep it up!

i'd tap that

damn ur good & i know a chick who looks just like this chick

I was like...W0W!!!

Damn...d00d ur AWESOME!!!! I was really shocked looking at this.
nicely done.

holy cow!

one big hellish WOOOOOOW O_O this is amazzing dude! soooo detailed and the colors! perfect for my new wallpaper :D