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Reviews for "Easter is GAY!!!"


I for one am Catholic but i mean, hey. It's unfair to rate based on beliefs so as usual i'll rate with beliefs and whatnot set to the side. This is quite the nicely done animation, the artwork is good, framerate is steady, the quality is good, it's all good. as people have said here, the particles are fantastic and i agree. as for the other religious people here, i know it's a bit offensive, but come on, take a freaking chill pill. this is Newgrounds, people express themselves here and who are you people to impose on that? i sure as hell am not. dude, you did good on this flash, stirred up some members of religious faith mind you, but you did good. 7 out of 10 (falls short of an 8 because it's not that long) and 3 out of 5. :)

Kinda funny

the animation reminds me of monkey dust alot, the sound is well put together, felt like i was waitning for the punchline that never came


But i'll give you a three for the particle effects.

unbelievably blasphemous

Im sure a lot of ya will get a kick out of this, but to some its offensive, please try to respect peoples' faith.

I love it!

Good animation, good effects and funny.