Reviews for "Knife Party!"


Nice fighting games, need more special moves...

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks, this game is sort of an in-betweener while I'm busy with my next big game, so yeah, it wasn't meant to have nearly as much in it as I managed to cramp into it in the end...


All these people complaining about the difficulty... I unlocked all the characters. ^^
The game was a bit too free-for-all so yeah, I agree with story mode. Knife party 2 maybe?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Dont expect a Knife Party 2. This was just something I came up with while I was in the midst of being extremely busy with other things in my life. I'd like to make more in-depth games. Like you said a story mode would be nice, I agree. Hopefully I'll get rid of this massive amount of stuff I need to finish and I'll be able to get back to game-creation again... thanks for the review!


but too hard.but still great music and nice characthers.and 1 problem on 2 player mode.when i press f the other one says press f but it doesn't work.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Oh, that's a spelling mistake I've never noticed, sorry! I think player 2 needs to press K when he/she is ready to play. One of the attack buttons anyway. Thanks for the nine!

And yeah, it is supposed to be challenging...

I loved it

liked the idea and concept
dont know if it was my crappy keyboard that doesnt seem to work on newgrounds
but it was a tad hard
not a disappointment but a let down on my part
keep it up

SeethingSwarm responds:

This game IS hard, even I who created it finds it hard :)
I made the computer too smart and too fast. It's not impossible, but quite a challenge. This is probably my least favourite of my games, but it's quite fun to play against somebody else. Luckily I have more time on my hands nowadays, so my next game won't be so much of a let-down, I promise!

Hard but fun game

i would of goten a 10/10 but it broke it kinda messed up my "a" button a little. good game

SeethingSwarm responds:

Are you using Internet Explorer?
It messes up flash and just sux in general. Use Firefox instead, otherwise I dont know what screwed up your A button, sorry to hear about it.