Reviews for "Knife Party!"

Epic Win

Awesome game, love the animation style. A little hard though

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah it is meant to be hard, and thanks!


It's a cool game but it's tooooooo hard!

SeethingSwarm responds:

It is meant to be a very challenging game :)

Very nice, very hard

Awesome, and cool, but GODDAM hard! Can you please add an "easy" mode if you can?

SeethingSwarm responds:

Sorry if it's too hard. Adding an easy mode will require me to write a lot of additional code. I simply dont have time for doing a complicated in-depth game right now with things like difficulty settings etc and that's exactly why I could only come up with a simple game like this in the past few months. Terribly sorry about that. I'm trying to clear my schedule so that I can get some time to continue another much deeper game I'm working on...

You keep saying its hard...

But it wasn't for me...
It was way too easy... I guess I got used to the A.I.
I was faster than the ai a lot... After I beat frodoo, I didn't lose once...
Does that make me an awesome gamer?
What I did was I button mashed attacked, and used magic every time it came up.
I was about to write a review about it being too easy before I read the the other reviews.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks for your input, i guess you must be an aweseom gamer :)
I can beat the game as well while button mashing and using magic whenever it comes up, but I die a few times...

Thanks for the review!

AWESOME, but a bit too short

Very well drawn, and I like the music but i could be longer, y'know like if you play as a certain person for long enough they get new moves, upgrade their stats and stuff, but hey i'm only suggesting...