Reviews for "Knife Party!"

This game is really fun and uses many strategies(Not for me though, i just jumped and spammed magic) and had challenging ai, overall a really great game and i want to see another one like this!

I had an amazing strategy that made me unlock Rudy in 10 minutes. What strategy you may ask? Spamming every attack and move as quick as I could.

Overall, great game!

SeethingSwarm responds:

Haha! Awesome, glad you liked it :)

Took me atleast an hour to unlock rudy...feels so much longer lol. The game is quite primitive which is what makes it hard but if you use every option open to you -moving, running, jumping, etc you can win consistently. Just think of it like a fight, all the basic principles are there, ie - move, stab him more then he stabs you, go for the finish like mad when he has nothing left. lol

Overall, not bad, just wish the AI didnt have such an advantage.

SeethingSwarm, don't cry. He just has bad taste! :?D

hey dont be such an ass it is bad so say its bad don,t abuse ill get you bannned