Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits"

My name ain't Jack!

OWNED! First thing that came to my mind hahaha.

Plus, the DBZ fight was pretty wtflol, nice to see your comic getting animated (and animated in a great way!)

Very lovely acting guys..

I've never seen this series before, but i liked this flash. The voice acting made this come all together, was just just hilarious during the one girl's monlogue. heh

Anyway, i'll check out more of you flashes Eddache, i feel i missed a very well put together series. x) Again, kudos to your wonderful voice actors.

@ fatmanandpop

edd and eddache are not both from eddsworld only edd

Eddache responds:


1 word shoots in my mind


This movie made me lol so hard ^^. Keep up the good work.

BRAXTER? my oldest friend, how are you?

i have the same name as this dude, unfortunaetly only the Edd part :( 'SHUT UP AND MAKE MY DINNER!'