Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits"

Waait a second

a great animation and al, but didn't i hear the "wrong" edd?
i'm kidding this was extremely humourous.

Awesome Hits

Lol through out that entire toon all tom fulp said was hi

Simple, genius comedy!

LOVED everything about this. The voice acting, the humor... Really great, i hope there's a lot more of Edd Egg to see


jason?my arch nemesis...
gemma? my arech nemesis...
zack?my arch nemesis...
brackster? my old pal how are you?
well..cant complain..

its just awsome this is and im gonna add every edd egg cartoon to my favorites!!!!!!


epic as hell-they all seem normal but at the end they become hillarious.keep bloody making these =)