Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits"

I love the british!

And the webcomic is awesome. It's one of the only GOOD webcomics out there too. Great flash.

Score one for the brits :D

If it wasnt for splapp-me-do, weebl and you sir... It would be mostly americans on this site... Im proud to live in the same nation as you :D

I think all of edd's anims are hilarious and this one was no exception, bravo!


by: mronki

"This was really funny, nice voice acting (ESPECIALLY THAT BRITISH ACCENT) and great humor."

^.^ nice...lol

PC lolollololo

lol pc was best .... i had sex last night.... snif sniff i need more charachters or something LOLOLO they sat itts too short


This was really funny, nice voice acting (especially that British accent) and great humor.

Eddache responds:

Well, I am British and so are most of the cast. You may need to specify the British accent you liked. Thanks anyway!