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Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits"


what can i say ive never seen edd egg , and this made me laugh .
PS ,NG my arch nemisis lolz


sorry folks i'm dutch050 and i'm have make a mistake i wanna to say that intro: 1/2 name: 1/2 angst: 2/2 fish: 2/2 fight: 2/2 ghost: 0/2 nemesis: 0/2= 10 isn't 10 but the voices was cool so it was a 10 because this mistake i wil vote a 10/10 and a 5/5 i said i didn;t do that but because i made a mistake i do it

awesome but 2 movie's not

ik gave it a 10/10 and a 5/5 tough i didnt like 2 movie's and ik give each a rating:
intro: 1/2 name: 1/2 angst: 2/2 fish: 2/2 fight: 2/2 ghost: 0/2 nemesis: 0/2= 10
if the rating is higher then a 10 i would vote a again whit a other acc but it isn't higher then a 10 so i wouldn't vote again

Loved it

Haha. I laughed at all the parts. I loved PC one so much. I'm hoping for a sequeal no rush tough. This deserves my 5's and 10's


First of all, 10/10 in my books means absolute perfection so don't hate me for giving a 7, besides I gave you a 4/5 in the actual voting thing.

To the review, this is the first I have ever heard of Edd Egg, but I don't think it would have changed my opinion much more as it is about the video and not the webseries. The animation was great just as it was, because it was taken from a webcomic series, so kudos to getting the feeling right for that part. Secondly, the voice acting really got me down. I felt like kicking Edd Egg a kick in the balls but listening to his voice it seemed as if someone got to it before me.

The jokes..Well, some of them were a bit dry while other were okay-ish, but the ones that really had the "LOL" gene in them, had to be the DBZ one and the one with the geek going on about his computer. Those 2 got me laughing where the others didn't.

Thats about that. Hope, if you make more, that you keep going with the ruder jokes and get a new voice for Edd Egg. Peace.:)