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Reviews for "Edd Egg - Greatest Hits"


its good

DBZ FIGHT! Wait . . .

He likes to masterbait a loooooot.

"A goth gohst?"

What was that all about? Is this supposed to be some type of sick joke? There was no point in haveing that type of language in your flash film. Edd Egg was poorly animated, also.But, you did try. And the voices matched the characters perfectly. The animation on the characters ( other than Edd Egg, ) were made properly. I guess you get some credit...

Eddache responds:

Yes, curse that Edd Egg and his sick jokes and pointless language.


u r under oth ok i was at home masterpating rofl well done m8 aces

edd egg ftw!

my arch nemesis
my arch nemesis
my arch nemesis
my oldest friend how are you?
hm can't complain

sequel please!!!!