Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

Very Fun!!!

One sad this is that the bunny bios does not work. I have everything unlocked. But it's just a very minor setback. Let me know when it's fixed.

GP-studios responds:

It will be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience :)

Best shoting game EVER!!!

Soooo fucking awesome!!!! MUHAHAHA!! KILL bunnies!!!

You guys don't know

You people clearly haven't played the other Bunny Invasion games. You actually have to play the first one or the second one to get and idea. Overall, I love the Bunny Invasion games you make. Keep up the good work. :D

LOVING this shit man!

just like the previous bunnykill-games, this was fucking ace.
great idea to make an eastern-special out of it too! :)

keep em coming, i can¨'t wait to see what's next - maybe there will be a hughe ass alien bunny-robot who's behind the whole bunny-plauge who steps forward and try to finally blow out mankind once and for all... :O

keep working on the series man, don't be afraid to try out different concepts though! :)


Ok so I just spent almost 2.5 consecutive hours playing this wonderful masterpiece!
Way addicting, way gory, love the upgrades and choice of weapons, as well as the story and voice acting.
Definitely make more of these gems!