Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

Really Great Game!

This game is truly amazing, Tho it was short and there are a few bugs, other than that it was fin playing. I look foreword to the next Bunny Invasion, Since the last was was just as good as this. Keep up the great work!


co ana sksala
co ong sksal
ya obiov newgrounds


its cool that you get the bartender to help you out

More tips

If u use the minigun, click very fast and don't hold your mouse. So won't it getting over hit. At the bosses buy a lot of grenades. U have to trow them as many as u can. At the supper bunny boss u have to buy remote gren. He fly's. You plant it. He comes and if he fall. U demote the bomb. I hope you can read it because i am Dutch.

Awesome game!

Really addictive. Once you play you can't stop!