Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

Excellent, and very addictive.

I really enjoyed this game, and it kept me hooked for quite some time! These kinds of round-based defence games are often quite addictive when done well... and this one was most definitely done well.

The upgrades, enemies, weapons, trophies, and medals were all spot on, and furthermore, it was an amusing premise for a game. Evil bunnies! Brilliant. I especially enjoyed the little cutscene where the woman (whose name escapes me at the moment) dies after a bunny bursts out of her chest, Alien style.

Great work!


beat wave 16 with just a fully upgraded pistol lvl 1 assitant and lvl 1 motel
got killed wave 17

Genius !

I love it !
Not to hard and not to easy !
One of my favorite games !
Nice work.

Pure Addiction

I love playing this game!!! You should try making other holiday ones like Halloween or Christmas. Just a thought. Great work man.


Humor is great and animation is great as well. THank u lord for this game