Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

A good game...

But just one thing...

NG awards would be cool

An improved version of Bunny Invasion 2.

All the new features like the new bunny types and the new weapons make this game even more fun.
The new upgrading and buying system is much easier to handle and the weapons are cool. Awesome Game! I hope to see more sequels.


i loved shooting the bunnies but i could never get past the super bunny.

Slaying Bunnies is Awesome!

Played the first two and loved them, and this one I loved too, I like the easter theme, but I was a little upset about the Jesus bunnies, but i have a sense of humor, and it didn't hurt your score, gameplay was great, a little more difficult this time, because the shooting angle was different the BI2, because of the higher roof, which made it more challenging, liked the amount of weapons, and the storyline was great! Keep up the great work!


I got to the 30 wave by using the Mac10. Good graphiscs.