Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

The Greatest of all the Bunny series

Wow, I'm a big fan of what you do Tom Wilson. Let me tell you that this game rock in every way! It was fun, bloody as hell and your artwork is god damn sweet!

You are an hard working artist and I think your hard work pays off.

Thanks for this sublime entertainment!

Nice Easter Special

I got to the 17th wave and finaly died. I lol'ed at the idea but pretty fun game to pass bordom away. The eBid weapon shop is packed with a lot of stuff too.


The gor of the bunnys comes agen and this time its Grate!

The game has maid a big leap from bunny invasion 1!

WELL done

Ye' ol bastard

I didn't expect another one until a year! And now you come and slap us with this! Are you an angel from God?

great game

this was cool but how do you get passed the super bunney!