Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"


Loved the game BUT hate that i put in 4 hours into and even had the weekly high school and the last few medals didnt unlock for me, i had all things upgraded ALL trophies and 14.7M score but none unlock,so guess even 2 yrs later the medals STILL glitched,but LOVED the game,hPLZ PLZ make a 3rd one, THE RETURN OF FROST lol

you know what?

i like it when i have a friend its cool. hint you can upgrade your friend, just go to upgrades and then you go to assistant click on Level Up and thats how you upgrade your friend.
other wise good luck.

Very good game, very deep

Great game here i really like the idea of all the differant medals so you went all out on this one, so very good effort on your part on that aspect of the game, Ok so first off the cursur with the circle that was cool and has a following chain notbad, it was a nice feature the menu screen showed more great effort with what to do and so on so good direction sofar, the controll layout was nice but as a nice upgrade on things you should make it so we can asign our own prefrence of keys not sure how hard that would be but would be a nice add-on, so as i play this all the controls were very indepth another plus on your side, he little "INTRO" at start of game with text bubbles was pretty neat, but i think by adding some "VOICEs" would enhance the gaming experience, Now im really impressed with how "DEEP" this game is, you have made it very easy for even the newest player to understand so again props on all the effort put thru this game, So not to drag on but i was very impressed with the game i noticed the "CROSS-HAIR" lags abit so it takes abit of time to catch up to the shooting, that may be on my end though.

I suggested a few things including being able to add-on our choices of hot keyes, Add some vocals to the text bubble convos,

Very detailed and deep game could use a few things but not much.


this game is EPIC!

problems with game

i cnt play the game proberly as when i try to change gun pause or reload its not working my keyboard is working fine and i can shoot but cnt do anything else