Reviews for "Bunny Invasion: Easter"

Nice game, though I found a bug. I was fighting on wave 3 and I forgot to upgrade my scavengers, so I quit the game. I noticed on the bottom-left of the main menu, a bunny stuck. Through the shop, it was still there, and when I started the wave, it moved along, but I could not shoot it. It became invulnerable, and I quit the game again, and another bunny was stuck. Please fix this bug. Great game anyway.

Fun game, cursor does lag sometimes in big waves though. Other than that, no complaints.

It took me 2 hours to beat it. Great game but a little on the easy side if you have the AUG.

As before..

As I mentioned in my review in Bunny Invasion 2, I really like all the mechanics of this game other than character design. It's lots of great fun and I would recommend it to my friends if they need a game to play on the computer.

And I realise the medals are glitched. That's unfortunate, but oh well.



Great but the medals are bugged. They don't reward to you. That's the only main thing that is bad about this game.