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Reviews for "Easter Eggs Tycoon"

Nice Game


Interesting concept of gameplay here. (-:

- The color-matching, in my opinion, is the selling point. As a programmer myself, all my "training" of hue, RBG, and what not is finally being tested. :-P

- Can you save your progress in this game?

- You implemented a 2D sound system! You actually used panning and volume controls! Awesome! :-D
- The quality of the sounds available is good.

- Done quite nicely, and the animation was very smooth.

- It still seems a bit limited in the selection of sounds available. The game's a little too quiet. Perhaps add some more sounds, maybe some ambient background sounds, and perhaps the machinery could make more sounds. When more clients appear, maybe there's a little bell they can ring, if they're not visible when they appear (for example, if you're tending to your hen). Perhaps the clients could make subtle sounds, depending on their moods.

- Perhaps you could include some scoring information as to how scoring is made, due to accuracy of the color-matching? (-: As this is not required, some details fanatics (like me) could check that out.

Overall, very nice game.

As you were, soldier.

* salutes *
- Ziro out.

D-mah responds:

I was in a hurry to release it before Easter, so it didn't come out as neat as I would like it to be. If I decide to make a new version, I'll take your suggestions into the account. Thanks.

PS: adding the scoring info into the author's comment.

ok game

i liked the idea and the game play but it gets boring after a while it it a fun for 30 minutes the graphic was awesome

It was nice to play this game around Easter. It's too bad the actual Easter Bunny hasn't come around this Easter. It's a long story with my parents. I appreciated how cute this was. I guess it was a bit too simple. I still appreciated it.

While not great, I would recommend it. It was interesting just to see all these little things going on. You had a lot of freedom with this game. The graphics are quite good. It's a very cute game.

Not a bad game, but boring after a while. I also wish you didnt have to scroll back and forth


It's an good idea but make the hen lay eggs much earlier so you can start the game faster and it gets less boring.