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Reviews for "Easter Eggs Tycoon"

It was nice to play this game around Easter. It's too bad the actual Easter Bunny hasn't come around this Easter. It's a long story with my parents. I appreciated how cute this was. I guess it was a bit too simple. I still appreciated it.

While not great, I would recommend it. It was interesting just to see all these little things going on. You had a lot of freedom with this game. The graphics are quite good. It's a very cute game.

Not a bad game, but boring after a while. I also wish you didnt have to scroll back and forth

this is one of my fav games from 1.5 Years ago!

Game play is alright...

I loved the game at first but after about round 5 I was soooo bored... I went to round 9 before quitting out of pure boredom of the game.

I suggest a little bit of change in the game as you go. Like maybe later on you get a machine that paints designs on the eggs. Not sure, just something that changes the game a little bit eveyr 5 or so rounds so the player isn't asking to be shot by the end of the game.

Nice uppgrades, nice hens, too easy

I love simulationgames, I love uppgrades, I love love "process" type of play where thing A produces things to thingy B.
This was an exelent exemple of that.

Although once my score got too high it got "Nan", also my funds became infinite.
By having multiple coulourmachines set with small intervalls I never had to change the coulours they produced and still got higer score per egg then when I actually tried to match it :p

A feature that made the rabbits angry instead of just giving less score/gold if you gave them wrong eggs would be a nice addition making it a bit more challenging.