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Reviews for "EmberCore"

Great track, definitely downloading this one.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Awesome thanks Glutch!!

Pretty cool shit. Wouldn't mind giving this a go on the vocal end. Sounds vaguely familiar though. Maybe it sounds a bit like In Flames...either way, cool shit.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks BadMan! Dude, if you wanna give it a go, please do!
Awesome if the tone sounds InFlamesey. If the music does....i should be careful

I really enjoyed this! I am going to be laying down some vocals on it, gonna throw alot of clean vocals layered with some really gnarly death metal vocals. Take a listen to what i have done, your stuff sound extremely melodic yet has a good solid sound. Keep it up!

RobSoundtrack responds:

Hell yeah man can't wait to hear it.
I like your stuff as well, will comment there

Really digging the main riff of that song. The drums were pretty killer (I suck at drum programming haha..really limits me..) but this is a solid track. I may download it and do an improv on it, like you said. Also I am about half way through recording my Nightmare cover....I'll let you know if you want when I get it up. Rock on man.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks dude! Excellent man; I hope you do it
If so, I can't wait to hear it.
As well as Nightmare!

Kick ass chunk in this track man, solid as fuck sound as well, awesome tune!
Love the accoustic adds on it. Passionate riffing throughout. :D

RobSoundtrack responds:

Dan the man, Thanks so much!!
Glad you like the chunk!!