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Reviews for "EmberCore"

I normally get down to the really REALLY heavy shit but right now im feelin the softer side of metal. props

RobSoundtrack responds:

Coo. Coo
Thanks camouser

Oh man this is awesome.
Just the way things fit together between the riffs and the drum just as an example. The variations in riffs are all great, very melodic and moving, and the song has a flow to it that works really well.

It's refreshing to hear someone actually making something melodic, and not just lame bass drop effects-laden crap, or the same old thrashy 'n' deathy stuff that everyone seems to put on here (what i did discover until now!)

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks so much UndoneD
Glad to hear you can see what I'm going for

Very cool song :). The drums sound programmed, what program did you use if they are?

Awesome job!

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks Vesania!
I use Toontrack EZDrummer plugs with the Metal Machine addon here.
I route and sequence them through FLstudio most of the time

You really are impressive
dammit if i could only play any instruments....

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks a million, cuz
What??? You are pinoy! We can inherently play the guitar!!!

Pretty cool shit. Wouldn't mind giving this a go on the vocal end. Sounds vaguely familiar though. Maybe it sounds a bit like In Flames...either way, cool shit.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Thanks BadMan! Dude, if you wanna give it a go, please do!
Awesome if the tone sounds InFlamesey. If the music does....i should be careful