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Reviews for "hot ham water 9-11"

lawl?freaking cool and pure madness.

nice animation.check and nice storyline,had me laughing all the way to the bucket.no kidding man,you totally own in this kinda animation.

ha states rights

thats the greatest lie ha ha ha

I'll review them each!

1-I always enjoyed jokes about the nerd society. And I liked the big finish.
2-It's great to learn some history, especially the knowledge that the main purpose of the Civil War was not slavery, which I'm sure you know, right?
3-The best. Call me crazy, but it was funny to see that puppy shaking around. Maybe it's because I'm more of a cat person.

All in all, great!

relatively funny

not the BEST animation ever, but the series makes for great anti-depressants for lifeless people, such as the New Grounds community. The jokes, puns, and overall retardation were actually pretty entertaining...for a half baked kids show. I'd give you a 5 if I wasn't being sold to a plantation owner, so, 4


It was kind of funny, but the quality animation was probably the best thing about this.