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Reviews for "hot ham water 9-11"

Great stuff!

I'm still a huge fan!!! Simple, hysterical... brilliant!

I noticed Birdsie is a bit more edgy in these... I'm wondering if this is going to continue to progress as the series goes and Soupie becomes more frustrating... or if you just decided to amp up the humor by making him angrier.

Hooray for freedom!!!


omg o_o

wow I didn't knew clouds are made in a factory... and with puppy tears... o_o
that freaked me kinda out... now I'm whondering how they make ir rain with kitty-cats...


made me laugh lol good job

lawl?freaking cool and pure madness.

nice animation.check and nice storyline,had me laughing all the way to the bucket.no kidding man,you totally own in this kinda animation.

Awesome- PUPPY

I want to go to a cloud factory now...