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Reviews for "hot ham water 9-11"


i loved the "in memory" part at the end of ep.9


this is an ok animation, and apparently it has turned into a series but to be honest I didnt laugh at all, the topics were just boring to be. numbers and freaking civil war oooooh so funny harharhar

I'll review them each!

1-I always enjoyed jokes about the nerd society. And I liked the big finish.
2-It's great to learn some history, especially the knowledge that the main purpose of the Civil War was not slavery, which I'm sure you know, right?
3-The best. Call me crazy, but it was funny to see that puppy shaking around. Maybe it's because I'm more of a cat person.

All in all, great!

I'm strangely attracted to this.

I can appreciate quality voice acting and simple-yet-(e/a)ffective animation.


ep. 9 and 10 werent that great, but 10 was hilarious :D