Reviews for "Red Dwarf Back to Earth"

5/10 for bad controls. Rest is decent.

I thought the idea was decent, but the controls on it are bad. You hold down the mouse button and you either boost too low or too high, and often if you want to avoid hitting obstacles, you have to waste all your fuel staying in the air and get killed anyway because with no fuel, you're doomed.

Otherwise, the graphics are decent, but there isn't that much audio.

R.I.P. Red Dwarf!

Really says something when it ends up premiering Dave :(

As for the game it's ok I like the little soundbites for the crew but not a huge amount to do in it... I know just a promo and on that count it does what it is ment to but not a lot more.

Ok but....

It got me in the mood for red dwarf this friday :) but the game wasn't too brilliant, should be levels and upgrades or something. Also fuel is too sparse or lasts too shorter time, change either of these so the game lasts longer.
As for the comment bad mouthing dave, it is an awesome channel when there is nothing else on it has something almost worth watching most of the time

Almost good.

I agree with the Fuel problem. Is it satire of 21st Century Fuel Shortages, or just not adding enough. The problem is you think you are doing well, but then there is no fuel to let you fly over the Removal Truck, which K/Os you.

But it is in the vein of Dwarf and did like the little dialogue I read.