Reviews for "Red Dwarf Back to Earth"

Such a shame.

I'm really looking forward to the new episodes on friday, and this flash started off brilliant and really got me in the mood. However, after dying on my first attempt, the starbug would either float to the top on its own, or not float at all. Possibly an action script problem, but it really drops the score I'm afraid.

Not bad

You could have added bonus items to acquire or upgrades or something, but it was a pretty ok game

R.I.P. Red Dwarf!

Really says something when it ends up premiering Dave :(

As for the game it's ok I like the little soundbites for the crew but not a huge amount to do in it... I know just a promo and on that count it does what it is ment to but not a lot more.

5/10 for bad controls. Rest is decent.

I thought the idea was decent, but the controls on it are bad. You hold down the mouse button and you either boost too low or too high, and often if you want to avoid hitting obstacles, you have to waste all your fuel staying in the air and get killed anyway because with no fuel, you're doomed.

Otherwise, the graphics are decent, but there isn't that much audio.