Reviews for "Red Dwarf Back to Earth"

OH SMEG I HAVE ALL SIX SEASONS!!! :D i love red dwarf its really smegging awesome

two problems i found

one- theres no fuel bonuses and two- theres no fuel bonuses, now i see that that is clearly just one problem, but i thought it was such a big one i must mention it twice

i liked it

it was pretty fun and like the new series it uses old jokes, i ve got a say series 7+ where pretty bad compared the the 1st six but its still pretty good. kicks the shite out of star trek. oh and the game pretty cool

Red dwarf rules

Big fan of the show even though i live in the states and this game wasnt half bad!


I LOVE RED DWARF! We don't get it much here in the states...sadly.

Anyway, loved the dialogue, especially the joke of changing the lightbulb. I like that the scene changed evertyime you crashed.

However, I do think that the bug could accelerate just a biiiiit faster. Other than that,