Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

It's fun for awhile

...but becomes boring quickly. There are too few upgrades for the amount of levels... I died once at lvl 15, clicked to start a new game, closed the game window, re-opened it and clicked continue game this time, I started over from lvl 1 with all my upgrades intact...

There are too few upgrades for the amount of lvls in the game.

I found a bug

you stop moving after you shoot. This renders this virtually unplayable at times. I gave up around level 8 or so. Try to fix that issue.

I feel I've played this one

The graphics were stunning, but I think that's the only good part. Upgrades were nice addition, although not very unique like the game itself. Bothers to use the mouse click to shoot when you can't control the tanks gun.

Not bad


Nicely done...

The game is defenetly not easy, but still i kinda enjoyed it...
The no music idea makes the game a little boring (didnt check if there was a music button) soooo i go tired of the game kickly (twenty minutes) dont know what to say next.