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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

This is one of the best space invader games.

I've actually never thought it would be possible to make a Flash game of this quality, but here it is in front of my eyes. I believe this game deserves much more recognition than it already has - it is a solid game, which can keep you playing for more than a couple of minutes that most Flash games do. The music is very good, the graphics superb and the controls awesome. All this alpha blending might make some older computers to slow down a bit, but i've seen much worse graphics in Flash with less performance. No really, this could be a game you would buy for Wii or XBLA, but you have it right here for free.

An advice for new players: make sure the first update you get is speed and the second the weapon powerup. It will make your life easier.

I highly recommend this to anyone in need of a fast paced shooter.

Ah, btw. There is nothing "retro" with this one - its as new and fresh as it gets ;-)

toadtrip responds:

Thanks for the long review, umm not sure its that sort of quality but glad you liked, retro because we borrow from lots from the space invaders theme.

Best flash Game I've played in ages

This is one of the best flash games I've ever played. I made it up to level 30 on my first go and will be continuing on again soon. I love the graphics and the upgrades are awesome.

toadtrip responds:

Awesome man theres 45 total, with a giant mothership boss and then world saved :)

Fun as hell!

It's nice to see when someone takes an old concept and gives it a well deserved overhaul. What you've done is taken the space invaders that we all grew up with and really tuned it up, making it a game worthy of today's challenge seeking gamer. The graphics were crisp, the sound was fairly good and the gameplay was simple but challenging, and in a way that makes the game fun and not frustrating. Great job and best of luck in future submissions.

Very nice

I had to go to your official website to play it but this game is totally worth it. Wonderful upgrade to an old classic. Got to especially love the killing the escape pods off of the ships you kill to get extra money


And Btw if you cant play the game of black screen... go to google and type in this game.It has other websites that work.