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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

good game

good game and good controls not very diffucult.
but you could reduce the penalty for dying.

and dont use cheap tactics for the boss on level 15

Nice idea, but too hard

Space Invaders with new graphics, upgrades, bosses, progress saving... Should be great for the occasional few minutes of letting off steam. But I quickly found myself spending all of my cash to restore armor, could not upgrade, and obviously could not beat more levels at some point. Most games allow repairs for a much cheaper price than an upgrade of max HP or anything else, and for a reason.


That was a fun little game of advanced space invaders. It reached the basic limit, but not it's true potential. It was not half bad.


It feels like Space Invaders but with out the classic look. Oh and I mean that in a good way. This was a good game, but I was never a big fan of Space Invader like games.

Fun At First

But then it's too much of the same, and when you beat it you can't start over with everything so there's no real replay value. The waves are harder than the bosses and the first boss was the hardest of the three. Some upgrades say they can be upgraded further if you have the money when they can't even if you do, they all max out at 5 except the add on which maxes out at 3?

toadtrip responds:

Yep, we wanted to add more add-on weapons, but those take a little more time. Maybe in a later version?