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Reviews for "Space Mutants From Space"

yeah umm no.

it was nice and all but there was only slight changes and the waves didnt give enough money so yeah quickly lost interest

Worth A Try

I gave it a try and its got the old school feel to it but the graphics are well done. I appreciate the effort put into making the game, however, i don't see myself playing it over and over because i fairly quickly lost interest. Reminds me alot of brickbreaker on my blackberry. it would be a great game to have on a cell phone to play when i was absolutely bored.


not that original, seems like space invaders, but the animation and everything else was great. the final boss was really hard though, i can't beat it!

good job!

IMO this game completely surpasses the original space invaders the only thing people like about the original is that its the original,good idea with the upgrades and the graphics were better than i expected

Space Invaaders with upgrades

call me a pessimist, but im in the mood for originality
nice graphics though